Sorry for the inactivity!

Hey people!

As you have probably noticed, I haven’t been doing much in the wedding planning department. Work has completely consumed me for a while as you can tell. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still excited about the wedding and getting married and my relationship, but this whole planning thing…yeah…

I keep telling myself I have plenty of time [well, I do have a year and four months], but I definitely don’t want to wait ’til the last minute, be scrambling around, have a mess and turn into Bridezilla lol. I’m sure I will find a balance to all this soon though.

Anyhoo, I really don’t want to neglect you or this blog, so I’m going to my darndest to post in here at least once a week. Promise! : )


Nothing much going on…

So, I haven’t been looking at wedding stuff or doing much planning lately. My life has pretty much been consumed with work right now. But I promise I will write in here at least once a week. I might post something interesting I find, something about relationships/marriage in general or about my own wedding plans.

Anyhoo, as I said, I’ll be posting once a week, so stay tuned! : )

Black couple have record for world’s longest marriage

Photo credit: DL Anderson

I know this is probably old news to a lot of you, but I just wanted to share.

Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher have been married for a whopping 85 years!! And on their wedding anniversary, May 13, they will have one of the longest marriages on record.

On Valentine’s Day of this year, they tweeted some of their secrets to a long, happy marriage. A couple of secrets?

  • Remember marriage is not a contest- never keep a score. God has put the two of you together on the same team to win.
  • Respect, support and communicate with each other. Be faithful, honest and true. Love each other with ALL of your heart.

You can see the rest of their tweets here.

Yay for [long-lasting] black love!! ♥ ♥

How long is too long…

…to be engaged? I’m sure you’ve heard of people who’ve been engaged several years- 4, 5, 6 years or as little as six months.

 I think that 1-2 years is enough time to stay engaged, but there are some situations that might require you to wait longer- waiting to graduate, someone in the military or if you want an extravagant wedding and have to save for it.

Personally, I don’t think I would wait more than two years from engagement to get married…what about you?

How long is too long to be engaged?

I can’t believe it…

Saturday, Chris and I went on a little outing. We went to the dam in Hartwell [my hometown] and to a place overlooking the lake. We did the usual: laughed, joked, took crazy photos.  Throughout the day, I was thinking about how ‘friendly’ and how comfortable this feels. Don’t get me wrong, we are very much in love, but it sometimes surprises me how much like friends we are. I guess that’s a good thing though- they say you’re supposed to marry your best friend, so…

I was also thinking about how surreal this whole engagement thing feels. I mean, when I really think about being engaged and the fact that I’m getting married next year, it’s just like, ‘Wow…I’m really engaged to my best friend…I’m about to get freakin’ married next year…That just seems so crazy to me! Lol But really, I am very excited about everything to come…woo hoo!

Us at the dam : )


The wedding colors!

Black is one of my favorite colors, and Chris and I both like yellow- it’s a happy color, and it’s bright. So, the colors are….

[Yellow, Black and White]

I made this little inspiration board today, but knowing me, it’s the first of many. Anyway, here it is:

What do you think?

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Wedding vs. Marriage

As you probably know, I spend a lot of some time looking at wedding websites & blogs. I recently came across a post (or article) discussing how some peoplefocus too much on the wedding part as opposed to the actual marriage. And as you can probably guess, a lot of those marriages end in divorce.

It made me think. Yes, I want a fabulous, darn-near-perfect wedding (it can’t be absolutely perfect, I hear), and I want the wedding day to be a reflection of us and our love, but the marriage is what it’s really about. I don’t want to get so caught up in having the “right” colors, the “right” flowers, the “perfect” dress and shoes and hair and forget about what the wedding truly symbolizes, and why everyone is really there.

[The wedding is just a day…the marriage is a lifetime.]

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